The only other project that I have pushed my readers this hard on was `Dark Sky` and I think we can all agree that Dark Sky is a damned fine weather app, perhaps the best one out there.

Now I want you guys to trust me and go back I was granted access to the working alpha build of the site, what can I say, it works. Right now things are basic, but by building an alpha they are showing me something that a lot of other products don’t: they already know how to make the product.

It’s $50 and that’s steep, but it’s $50 that gets you this:

1. Twitter without ads, ever.
2. Twitter that won’t ever block a third party client.
3. Twitter without spammers, because they would have to pay $50 only to get banned.
4. Twitter without your parents.

At least one of those has to be worth $50 to you guys, I love the price point and the idea — I hope we can make it a reality.

Posted by Ben Brooks