The headline says it all. The victim/alleged shoplifter says it was all a mistake and that he meant to buy the headphones.

What’s amazing to me about this story is a few things:

1. He got a bag from an employee.
2. Even though he had a bag, he was stopped. (How/why?)
3. That this hasn’t happened before, or at least not been blogged about before.

The ‘EasyPay’ feature has always seemed like a PR nightmare waiting to happen since it’s launch. I think we would have seen the “old” Apple executive team quietly handle this — which is why we probably never heard about it — but now we heard about this. This is massively wild speculation: but could Browett be trying to rid this feature and therefore letting Apple take bad PR to prove his point? I’m blaming Browet because he [seems to be the only one in Apple’s ranks that doesn’t understand why the Apple Stores are successes](

Posted by Ben Brooks