[I love Drafts](http://brooksreview.net/2012/04/drafts-2/) and so I am happy to see it make its way to the iPad as a new $3 app. Drafts for the iPad is everything you would expect: fast, clean, and simple. If you already use and love Drafts on the iPhone, then Drafts for iPad is a no brainer.

There are two things that I am not a fan of with the iPad version:

1. Simperium is powering the syncing engine — which means I have to create an account with them to get sync up and running between the two versions of the app. This is likely done because of the trouble developers are having with iCloud, but it is still a very annoying thing as a user. So far I haven’t bothered to set this up.
2. The actions menu is now huge in Drafts, this is really nice if you use Drafts that way, but for me I would much prefer if Drafts just came with the actions defaulted to off — forcing me to turn on only the ones I really need.

Both those complaints are minor ones, and only complaints that you will encounter in first-run scenarios. Once you are up and running things work very nicely.

Along with the iPad version [Drafts for the iPhone hit version 2.0](http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drafts/id502385074?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4). I am still personally using [Scratch](http://brooksreview.net/2012/07/scratch/) on my iPhone instead, but now it just comes down to UI preference as both apps have very similar functionality and launch seemingly just as fast as each other.

*(Personally I am sticking with Scratch on my iPhone because I love the custom keys above the keyboard. This is something that Drafts on the iPad does have, but is curiously missing on the iPhone.)*

Posted by Ben Brooks