MG Siegler calling Google out on their bullshit:
>Google never uses their patents for offensive purposes. Except when they do.

>This is the problem with these self-righteous stands. Time ends all promises, eventually. And the result is extreme hypocrisy even though you’re just doing what your rivals are doing.

It’s not that Google shouldn’t be allowed to file patent suits, it’s that they have vocally been against doing so for anything other than defensive measures — of which this lawsuit is not.

More interesting to me is what happens if Google successfully gets an import ban on Apple goods — doesn’t that open the door for anti-competitive practices and potentially sour Google in the eyes of every iOS user?

What if in September Apple takes the stage, announces a new iPhone and iPad — says it is available today — just so long as you aren’t in the U.S., because in the U.S. Google has stopped Apple from being able to sell these devices to you. I can’t see that being a winning scenario for Google at all.

It’s not likely to happen, but I always wonder with these lawsuits what would happen if people just called each others bluffs. Samsung tells Apple that they drop the suit, or Samsung stops selling Apple anything — how long would it take Apple to replace the parts that Samsung supplies?

It’s that side of the story that interests me the most.

Posted by Ben Brooks