Dan Chung is on assignment shooting for the Gaurdian as a professional photographer, but he is shooting with what appears to just be an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S. This is a link to his photoblog of the coverage, and he notes on each picture any adapters he used on his iPhone(s).

I hate to say it, but this is going too far.

It’s one thing to only take your iPhone places for photos, it’s even fine if the iPhone is your only camera. But to take the iPhone on assignment shooting sports, that’s just a gimmick.

His composition and lighting is fine, but just look at the sharpness of each photo — for the most part the photos are soft. The photos *look* like iPhone snapshots.

[Compare them to these taken with pro level equipment on *The Big Picture*](http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/08/london_2012_olympics_one_week.html).

The difference is immediately visible.

There is one cool thing that I hadn’t thought about though — for journalists. With Photostream uploading all your photos to iCloud, and the ability to share those streams with others — this could be a powerful tool for covering breaking news events for news networks. Photojournalists wouldn’t have to stop to upload and news desks would get the photos in near realtime. That could be pretty damned useful.

All that said, I get that Chung isn’t trying to take the world’s best photos with his iPhone, but I get the sense that when he gets home and sits down to review his shots, he’s going to see more than a few that he regrets not having his dSLR for, and that sucks.

Posted by Ben Brooks