New iPad app for posting to WordPress blogs that does two fantastically awesome things:

1. Allows you to grab files from Dropbox to post, all within the app.
2. But more importantly it is the only iPad WordPress app that I know of that supports custom fields — which is huge for me and many other WordPress bloggers.

Beyond that it is a really nice clean and straightforward app. It’s actually perfectly simple and I think is going to become my new best friend.

[It’s $3.99, go get it.](

**Update:** There is a bug in the app that causes the post time to be several hours off. This is a timezone bug I am told and a bug fix should be submitted soon. For me this post (posted with Poster) was submitted to my site 7 hours earlier then when I expected. This is certainly annoying to have in an otherwise great app.

[via huw on]

Posted by Ben Brooks