A new book from the guys at Studio Neat. I had a chance to read an advance copy (I also provided a quote on the site) and I really urge you, no I beg you, to read this book before you launch your next Kickstarter project.

I cannot tell you how many Kickstarter projects I have backed that months after the “expected ship date” still have not shipped, and after reading this book I have a feeling those products could have been shipped on time if the backers knew some of this knowledge.

I told Tom and Dan that after reading this book, I almost think it should be required before starting a project on Kickstarter. While I can’t make that happen, I am 50% more likely to back your project if I know you have read this.

Ok, is that enough reason to go check it out?

If not, get this: it’s $5.

Also: it’s a fast read for a slow reader like me.

Posted by Ben Brooks