Twitter has launched a pretty cool project that analyzes all the tweets on a given day and shows how favorably each presidential candidate is on Twitter. That is pretty cool and a really great use of Twitter.


Why is it only updated once a day at 5:00pm? Isn’t Twitter about the “real-time web” — what the hell is real-time about updating data once a day at 5:00pm?

This data would be far more interesting and informative if it was updated in real-time. A candidate says something more dumb than usual on TV and we can see them drop in likability, and then minutes later does something great and they begin trending back up. Seeing that kind of data would be awesome, seeing the data on a one day snapshot is just neat.

Twitter could have made this awesome, but instead they only made it neat.

That is what worries me most about Twitter right now…

Posted by Ben Brooks