Watts Martin on the real ramification of Apple’s sandboxing requirements:
>Thing is, iCloud also magically brings document sandboxing to OS X. If I want to see what I wrote in Byword on the iPad, I *need* to go to Byword on the Mac. If I want to preview it in Marked or do some power editing in Sublime Text, I’d still have to open it in Byword and then drag it to the other app.

He goes on to talk about how rough a time you then have if you decide to ever switch away from the Apple ecosystem — because once you buy into iCloud, you have really bought into iCloud.

This is a really important point, something I hadn’t thought about. I don’t think we should be calling on Apple to turn iCloud into Dropbox, but I do think that it’s not out of the question to ask (demand?) Apple to provide an “export my iCloud documents” button.

Though, I’m not holding my breath on this one.

Posted by Ben Brooks