Kevin Rose wonders out loud why he is using Facebook less and less, concluding:
>The people I friended three years ago in passing I hardly know and un-friending is hard and socially awkward.

The concept of “friending” on Facebook is both its biggest strength and biggest weakness. I explained a lot in [this post about Twitter from a while back about the dynamics of things like this]( The long and short of it is that unfollowing on Twitter isn’t nearly as painful (but still pisses people off) to people as unfriending on Facebook is, but the real problem is that people have an overly loose definition of what a “friend” is.

The way I determine a friend: do you have my cell phone number or home address? Because if you can wake me up in the middle of the night, then I probably think of you as a friend. ((Excluding those that have my number as an emergency contact for my work related things.))

Posted by Ben Brooks