Anil Dash, writing for Wired about Microsoft’s Surface tablet and the company in general:
>If anyone questioned whether Microsoft could get back in the fight once the cuffs finally came off, Surface should put those doubts to rest. The gorgeous PC/tablet hybrid is the only example in recent memory of a company clearly and emphatically going toe to toe with Apple on the industrial design front. The iPad will have to improve. Android tablets will have to improve. Surface isn’t another me-too device—it moves the entire category forward.

Of course, Dash, you mean: the “only example in recent memory” of a device that has yet to actually *ship*. I’ll give Microsoft credit for announcing the Surface, but Dash is talking like the Surface is a real shipping product that is currently competing with the iPad and yet it’s not.

Further: “the iPad will have to improve.” Improve what? You can’t just toss a statement like that out there and not explain what the Surface does better — you especially can’t do that when no consumer has even seen a Surface in real life, because, you know, they aren’t shipping.

It’s important to remember the scrutiny Microsoft has been under, but it’s a massive overstatement to label the Surface as a game changer — long before Microsoft actually ships the Surface and the general consumer gets to touch it.

Posted by Ben Brooks