Dan Nosowitz reporting the results of a survey about cloud computing:
>54 percent of respondents claim to never use the cloud. 95 percent of those people actually are.

All of the results seem pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I have two main take aways from this:

1. This is what happens when business speak and marketing degrees start to take over, you get a convoluted mess of words that don’t mean anything. Cloud computing is different than servers and clients how? Different than networking how? Cloud computing is a bad term meant to dumb down and oversell a complex system to “normal” users. See also: [Twitter’s writing](http://www.marco.org/2012/08/29/twitter-open-to-businesses).
2. I think the above quote is actually a *good* thing, not a bad thing. If “cloud” services are done right, the user should really never need to know that they are using a cloud based service. Does it really matter if Dropbox is cloud based or not — or is what really matters that such a service works consistently and works well? I think the implementation, not the name is what matters.

[via NextDraft]

Posted by Ben Brooks