Fascinating research and analysis that allows a prediction — accurate to within 20 meters — of where you will be in 24 hours. This is done by using tracking data on your smartphone and on your contacts smartphones.

Oddly enough, this doesn’t worry me, as much as it excites me. I really want my phone to know when I will be somewhere, but more than that I want to be able to assign rules to tell it to do things differently when I am somewhere.

`If at movies, mute all sounds.`

Doing that by calendar events isn’t practical, but having the phone being able to know where you are is. Taking it one step further:

`If headed to movies, remind me to call back Derek first.`

That’s where the power of prediction comes in. My phone knows I am about to do something that would preclude me from doing something else that I have already told my phone is really important for me to do — when such a conflict arises my phone tells me so.

“Ben, you’ll be at the movies in ten minutes and you really need to call Derek back before then.”

That would be a killer feature.

Posted by Ben Brooks