Austin Seraphin writing about the official Mac Twitter app, from the perspective of a blind user:
>And now we come to the point of this article. The official Twitter app for the Mac has zero accessibility. I don’t mean a little, or enough to get by, I mean nothing. VoiceOver shows a close button, a minimize button, and a zoom button. And nothing else.

I was actually just talking to Marco Arment about accessibility and how so many apps get it wrong. I am not blind so I don’t rely on on such features, but as we know the iPhone is a very helpful tool for the blind, so I was saddened to hear from Marco of how poorly so many apps fare in accessibility testing.

Voice over, and general accessibility, features probably aren’t important to many people in the grand scheme of the App Store, but for those that it is important to, such features become critically important.

If you want to see just what I mean go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home > VoiceOver. Exit settings and triple click your home button, now launch any third party app you rely on and try to use it with your eyes closed. The iPhone will speak what you are touching, unless the app isn’t properly coded: which is likely the case.

Finding this out actually bummed me out. I am thinking that I will start to include notes about Voice Over support in my reviews of apps — and look into anything I can do to this site to improve accessibility.

Posted by Ben Brooks