Interesting post, well linked to, from Tapbots which makes one of the most nerd-loved Twitter apps: Tweetbot. The post essentially says that every current user of their products will be fine with the Twitter API changes and that they shouldn’t hit a user cap for new users for a few years.

To me the post is a a whole lot of fluff to try and convince users to not stop buying their apps. And they should post something like that, I would if I was them, but it’s also a bit of bullshit.

Here’s why: even if they can sustain user growth for three years, the product will effectively become nothing but an expense at that point. Which means Tapbots will either need to close down the app, or find a new way to make money — since they can no longer sell new copies to new users.

So either the app dies a slow death, or current users get pinched into paying more money.

If you’re a Tweetbot user, you have to think that those future changes aren’t going to be good. I’m not saying you should stop buying the app, but you’d be foolish to think Tapbots is immune to these changes and you need to keep that in mind.

Also, the notion that Twitter won’t enforce this against a popular client like Tweetbot is plain naive — Twitter only cares about Twitter.

Posted by Ben Brooks