Wes Fenlon at *The Wirecutter* mistakenly thinks the best WiFi router is some ASUS concoction and in writing up his thoughts he clearly doesn’t get “it”.

[This is the “it” I am talking about](http://brooksreview.net/2012/06/wifi-routers/).

Actually, Fenlon exposes the true problem with *The Wirecutter* and sites like it, they are always trying to find the “new best” thing in category X — because writing that “W” is still the best isn’t a very good way to get page views. The ASUS router seems to just be the fastest and most hackable router out there, which is great, but those things alone don’t make them the “best”.

This is akin to *The Wirecutter* proclaiming that the Bugatti Veyron is the “best” car because it is the fastest. ((When everyone knows that Aston Martin’s are the best sports car and BMWs are the best all around cars — come on.))

I can’t stand this kind of “reviewing”. *Unsubscribed.*

Posted by Ben Brooks