Sarah Jacobsson Purewal:
>It’s officially illegal for employers and universities in California to request social media log-in information—that is, user names and passwords for Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail—from employees and students.

When I first heard about this being a common thing when trying to get a new job, I honestly thought it was a joke. More of a, give it to us to show that you trust us, then we will forget the info — than a real, we want to snoop on you thing. I was wrong. I talked to many friends who fear self-employment in a way that I have never understood and many told me that not only is it a real thing, but something they’ve had to go through.

I simply could not believe that: 1) people thought it was worth getting a job with such a stipulation, 2) that companies thought they had the right to do this, 3) that Congress didn’t step in to stop it.

At least California didn’t have their heads up their asses about this one, now we need it to be federally protected, it’s just insane to me that people are OK with this.

One last thing: if a company wants this info, trust me, it’s not a company you should work for.

One more last thing: do you think Facebook looks at your Facebook profile and reads your private messages before they hire? I doubt it, but what about Google and Google+ — I get the feeling that [Uncle Creepy]( looks at G+ private profiles all the time — just a feeling though.

Posted by Ben Brooks