Matt Drance:
>It’s no coincidence that the “Tech Specs” link atop is dead last. Apple’s best marketing has always been about what a product does, not what it has. Forget MHz and GB and mAh — how much faster does it launch apps? Play games? Snap pictures? Load web pages? How many hours of video and talk time? These are things that anyone can not only understand, but appreciate.

The entire post by Drance is a fantastic explanation of why people are upset there is no NFC in the iPhone, but the above quoted section is a spot on analysis of why Apple products are seen as more compelling. Apple doesn’t tell you it has a 3200mAh battery, it tells you that you can talk all day long — and which is more useful information? Certainly there are qualifications to all day long, but the same is true with pure specs. A fast CPU and massive amounts of RAM are great, unless the OS is piss-poor.

People often say that the specs are the actual “facts” of the device, but that’s simply not true. Benchmarks certainly are, same with real world testing, and so it is along that line that I think Apple’s advertising *feels* more true to me.

Posted by Ben Brooks