Shawn “Wisdom” Blanc:
>But now that you are thinking about it, why not give yourself permission to unfollow whomever you want without worrying about hurting their feelings.

[Agreed]( I have a fantastic email about this sitting in my inbox from a reader and podcast listener. I haven’t gained permission to post it, but here is the subject line that speaks directly to this point: “The Facebook ideology that is destroying Twitter”.

His argument is that Twitter is becoming annoying and crappy because Facebook users are coming over with little concept of the differentiation between “following” and “friending” which means the two are becoming identical in the mind of users. Ugh.

What made Twitter great was that you didn’t have to know someone to follow along with their thoughts, and you need not know (or care to know) those that follow along with your thoughts. What is ruining Twitter is that now, it seems, you *should* care about these pointless things.

Posted by Ben Brooks