Shawn Blanc on the iPhone 5 event:
>It was like the whole internet had the run sheet for today’s event.

>Earlier this year Tim Cook said Apple was doubling down on secrecy, and yet virtually every single thing announced today was called by the rumor mill.

The rumors were so accurate and consistent (well the sane rumors) that I thought for sure they all had to be wrong. I guess there’s going to be some job openings at Apple.

However, as un-Apple as the lack of secrecy was, I think it paid off better for Apple. Typically after an big announcement event their stock takes a dive because Apple never “meets” rumors, however this time around Apple *did* meet the rumors — and Apple’s stock immediately climbed (continues climbing as of this writing). So there’s an interesting case to be made for getting rumor-mongers more accurate leaks.

Posted by Ben Brooks