Nice, timely, post from Anthony Drendel detailing how he uses Fever° and why he uses it opposed to other RSS readers. I have to agree with him on the reasons for using Fever — it’s a fantastic RSS tool. One point he left out is that Fever is great if you don’t like to waste time keeping up with news while you are on vacation — just set the Hot List for the last week (or whatever time frame) and you can get a great sense of what happened while you were drinking, I mean vacationing.

Reeder recently added in Fever support (you still need to have Fever installed on a web server), but I think Sunstroke — made by Drendel — is a far better option for interacting with Fever on your iPhone. He also just [updated Sunstroke to version 1.3](, which has a lot of visual enhancements (read: better design).

I’m often asked what I use for RSS, this is it: Fever and Sunstroke.

Posted by Ben Brooks