Jessica Dolcourt:
>Yet its lack of a “gotcha” feature gives shoppers considering other powerful alternatives — like the intriguing Lumia 920, the larger-than-life Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or even the won’t-quit Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD — fewer reasons to stick with Apple.

Oh boy. Let me get this straight, the iPhone 5 is just an ok option, but will sell well while opening the door to competitors? And Dolcourt’s proof of this is that she found three separate Android phones that each have one feature better than the iPhone 5. Right, so I could carry all three other phones (which are huge phones) and have a better offering, or just carry the iPhone 5. But I *totally* see where they left the door open, why didn’t they add those made up features you spoke about earlier in your article:

>[…] an innovative camera feature that lets you drag and drop subjects around the screen, or other far-out concepts come to life.

Yeah, Apple, what the hell. I bet no one pre-orders this piece of junk — [oh wait](

Posted by Ben Brooks