Harry Marks:
> I also see Street View as a much more practical feature than Flyover because if I’m going somewhere I haven’t been before, I’d like to know what the building looks like before I get there.

Actually, as someone who has been using the iOS 6 betas, I disagree. Flyover isn’t the same as street view, but it is better in some ways than street view. Most importantly it is more fluid. It is true, that you don’t get the standing on the street perspective, but I think the perspective is also very useable for finding where a shop/store is on the map.

The difference is that Street View gives you a very direct and limited perspective, whereas flyover gives your a very indirect and wide view of the area. You don’t see what the store front looks like, but you certainly know which building it is in and where a bouts in the block that building is. It’s hard to state, but once you play with it you will see what I mean.

An additional bonus of Flyover is that you can see all sides of a building, regardless of there being a street — that is, Street View only shows you what can be seen from a car (mostly) and Flyover shows you what can be seen period.

As for 3.2 billion people not getting Flyover or Street View: that’s pretty shitty.

Posted by Ben Brooks