Harry Marks on the fact that the Spectre One looks exactly like an iMac, and yet Engadget didn’t mention that in its review — instead the author tweeted it would have been trolling to mention that fact — rebuts:
>I don’t believe it would be “trollish” to state that the Spectre One is, at the very least, influenced by Apple’s iMac all-in-one.

[Marco Arment points out](http://www.marco.org/2012/09/10/elephant):

>Big “gadget” blogs depend on maintaining very friendly relationships with the companies whose products they cover so they can continue to get exclusives, interviews, press badges to events, and early access to products.

Better still, [Jonathan Poritsky reminds us that those exclusive are usually piss-poor anyways](http://candlerblog.com/2012/09/10/staying-friendly/).

Of course, [this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone](https://alpha.app.net/benbrooks/post/372549) — it’s [one of the reasons I moved to a paywall model](http://brooksreview.net/2012/07/new-tbr/) so that I could *always* avoid not being able to speak my mind.

I’d like to say I expect more from Engadget or *The Verge*, but I really — honestly — trust their reviews less than I trust Amazon reviews.

Posted by Ben Brooks