Jonathan Poritsky writing about the end of his readership to *The Verge*:
>On what planet is disclosure a suggestion?

Full disclosure: Poritsky emailed me his post. Wait, maybe I should phrase that differently:

>EXCLUSIVE: Poritsky emailed me his post.

That’s better. I gave up on *The Verge* [awhile ago myself](, but hey that’s just me. ((Fun note, my post is listed in Wikipedia, of which I take great pride being the critical guy’s post on Wikipedia.))

To be fair, *The Verge* has some of the best patent litigation coverage on the web — they do a great job and should be commended for that, but the things Poritsky points our are just, well, really egregious. The rest, the reviews, commentary, news, is all poor on a daily basis and really should be better given the talent level of *The Verge’s* staff.

That said, if you do dump *The Verge*, why not [subscribe to Poritsky’s site]( That’s what I just did. It’s certainly better looking than *The Verge*. ((Exception to that permalink button, that’s gotta go. Update: He changed them, good man.))

Posted by Ben Brooks