[Patrick Rhone pointed me to this knife on his blog](http://patrickrhone.com/2012/09/06/columbia-river-knife-and-tools-m16-02z-knife-review/), and encouraged me to get it. It is actually the first “tanto blade” knife that I have owned. This is the style of blade that looks a lot better, but gives you two sharp points: one where the blade breaks to form the “normal” point, and the last one where the point of the knife actually is.

I’ve been adverse to this type of blade simply because they didn’t seem as useful to me.

Now having carried this knife as my everyday knife for a month I will toss out the above statement. This is actually a really good knife, but also a really quirky knife.

### The Good

– Fast, I mean fast, deployment.
– Solid lock.
– Fantastic feeling handle.
– Good weight and balance.
– Good steel that ships really sharp.

### The Bad

– Too big for me to use as an everyday carry.
– The closing mechanism seems utterly ridiculous to me. Yes, you can close the knife with one hand — but that doesn’t explain why in the world I want a safety on the closing function. Essentially to close this knife blade you have to hold a little lever in place and then depress the inner blade lock. It works, but it’s clumsy and stupid — this knife opens so easily the safety should be on the opening, not closing side of the action.

### All-in-all

I truly like this knife, but it takes a lot of getting used to. It’s found a home on my workbench and I’ve been very happy with it. [At $35.68 with Prime shipping](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000WAC7RM/ref=nosim&tag=brooksreview-20), it’s a bargain.

Posted by Ben Brooks