Shawn Blanc:

>The Jambox is certainly not as clever as the Hidden Radio. Nor is it as complementary to the decor of its surroundings.

Oh, I think we know where this is going…

Shawn mentions that the Hidden looks better and has better battery life, neither of which matter after you have smashed it with a sledge hammer out of frustration. Hidden sent out a Kickstarter survey and typically I ignore these, but I felt compelled to let them know how and where they failed in my eyes.

Contrary to what Shawn says, I think the Jambox looks far better. It’s less clever, and has shorter battery life, but then again it works — so there’s that.

I’ve had a Jambox for what seems like decades and I barely use it, every time I go to use it I find the battery dead. Yet I like it better.

The Hidden could have won me over if the battery lasted a month when off and it could play for an hour straight. Not much else matters, and that’s where it failed for me. Truly, it didn’t even have to sound that great.

Posted by Ben Brooks