Nicole Perlroth reporting on voter database vulnerabilities in Washington and Maryland has this gem of idiocy:
>Washington officials also cite their use of “captchas,” which are meant to help weed out humans from computer programs.

That seems like a valid response, until of course you take into account the rest of the story, like this bit:

>It took The New York Times less than three minutes to track down the information online needed to update the registrations of several prominent executives in Washington State.

That’s not a computer sniffing it out, just an untrained reporter, so in response to hearing that, Washington State, my home, said (basically) ‘But we have catpchas’. This actually is hurting my brain to think about.

Think of how much data states hold on every citizen and then think about how horribly that data is protected by them. I worry about what Google does, but at least they give two shits about protecting my data from prying eyes (or at least from eyes that don’t pay them), Washington State just protects my data with a fucking captcha. Granted, modern captchas are nearly impossible to read, so maybe Washington is on to something.

[via The Brief]

Posted by Ben Brooks