PJ, in a post titled: “Apple’s ‘We’re Not A Bit Sorry’ Bratty and Not Cool Notice That Samsung Didn’t Copy” writes:
>What has happened to Apple? This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you see yourself as being in a Holy War and listen only to your lawyers, who probably keep telling you that this will work out well in the end for you. (Cf. SCO Group.)
>But lawyers are not skilled in brands, in PR, and nobody with enough clout is telling Apple, I gather, with sufficient authority that it’s behaving like a brat. Talk about “not as cool”. What has happened to Apple? Do you still feel like buying their products when you read something like this? I don’t. I’d be ashamed to take it out of my bag in public. And I’ll tell you exactly why: it’s not all right with me for a corporation to publicly show disrespect to a court of law, and that’s how I view this event.

Totally fair and balanced coverage, I mean I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don’t go to Groklaw for legal analysis, we go there for branding help. Oh, wait.

[Was Apple’s statement dick-headed?](http://www.apple.com/uk/legal-judgement/) Hell yes, but so too was the U.K. court decision forcing Apple to post something congratulatory about their fiercest competitor online. Apple, Samsung, and the Court acted pretty bratty on this one — but PJ is only damning Apple.

(It’s an evil stroke of genius that Apple posted the notice on a page with no Apple logos and no executive signing the notice. It’s just a “here it is” thing stuck on a blank page — love that.)

I think Apple handled the situation pretty well given that even having to post that notice made Apple’s blood boil. PJ, and Groklaw, on the other hand are the ones that seem bratty to me.

So to answer PJ’s question, I love Apple because it does things like this, not in spite of them doing this. Is it disrespectful to the court? Perhaps, but so too is the court calling a Samsung device “uncool” — since when do courts decide “cool” — that’s not a matter of law. In this one instance, I’d have to point to the courts and say: they got what they deserved on this one.

Posted by Ben Brooks