A great comparison by Daniel Eran Dilger of Gizmodo and Slashdot and the irrelevance that Gizmodo is bringing on itself. Culminating in this conclusion:
>But these are the issues that a tech blog like Gizmodo is supposed to draw attention to. Instead, Jesus Diaz simply compared some spec numbers and gave his readers misleading generalizations and false information they could get from Amazon itself.

I don’t read Gizmodo, but the times I do see some of their writing quoted it reads like a less witty and less humorous post from *The Onion*. I don’t think that’s their goal.

Any reader of this site knows by now that I make a lot of snap judgments and I am wrong a lot. Typically if I find that I am wrong I correct myself, own that I am wrong, explain, and move on. I didn’t have this blog when the first iPad was announced, but I distinctly remember thinking it was dull — I didn’t want one. Maybe a week or two went buy and I was sold on the idea and pre-ordered mine.

I’m glad I didn’t have a blog to memorialize that thought.

One of the things that I have been working hard to do lately is to explain my judgments. To put thought to them. So that when I am wrong I can point specifically to where and *how* I was wrong. That’s important to me.

Where Gizmodo is wrong is that they have fallen into a trap of sensationalistic journalism focusing exclusively on Apple bashing. They turned that corner when they purchase a known-to-be-stolen iPhone 4 and subsequently were black-balled by Apple. Their animosity towards Apple has transcended bias and moved on to spite. This benefits no one. If they are unwilling to admit when Apple make something that is great, how can any reader respect their conclusions on any other device? They can’t and shouldn’t.

Coincidentally, I am seeing similar crap happening at *The Verge*, but that’s another story for another day.

Posted by Ben Brooks