Om Malik on the Google FTC investigation:

In Silicon Valley, we first fall in love with start-ups and their vision. Then a few years later when they are successful, we consider them to be geniuses. And when they become too powerful, they become evil. And after the too-powerful phase comes a swift fall from grace.

Malik says Google is in the third phase, I’d agree and I think this is a great outline. Hard though to apply to Apple. Yes Apple is not a startup, but Malik uses Microsoft as supporting evidence, so I think it is fair game to look at this theory in light of Apple.

Is Apple in phase two, and if so then you think it will become evil. However hasn’t Apple been in the second phase for at least a decade now?

Either way I think Malik is right that this is coming at the worst possible time for Google given their rivalry with Apple.

Posted by Ben Brooks