Rob-ART Morgan:
>Some readers are asking if the ‘late 2012’ Mac mini with a Quad-Core i7 processor can match the power of a Quad-Core Mac Pro. Many Mac Pro owners have a keyboard, mouse, and display they like. Shouldn’t they save a pile of money and replace their old Mac Pro with a new Mac mini?

The conclusion is not quite a full yes, but it’s amazing to think that this question isn’t that laughable any longer.

I hate to spoil Morgan’s conclusion, but the GPU speed is the limiting factor of the mini. The mini though has Thunderbolt, so I wonder how long before you can buy high-zoot external graphics card for the Mac mini that connects via Thunderbolt and thus makes the Mac mini perform on par with a Mac Pro? A year? More?

[I didn’t like the Mac mini I tried](, but then again it didn’t have an SSD or nearly this kind of speed.

Posted by Ben Brooks