Great thoughts from Marco on Apple’s recent product announcements.

I agree with him that the 13″ retina MacBook Pro is now the best Apple laptop to recommend to people. It’s so close to the Air, but so much more powerful that I think it is silly to go with the Air right now unless you have a niche use for a 13″ Air.

What’s more interesting is Marco’s analysis of the two iPad models. I am personally torn between them. I want the shiny new iPad mini, but the iPad 4 is likely the device I would use more. After thinking about it all afternoon I think I will get the 32GB 4G iPad mini in white, and wait until the next cycle on the iPad 4. This will give me a lot of data on which size is better for *me* and then moving forward I will likely pick one of the two sizes and just stick with it.

If the iPad 4 update had been a bigger update I would have been swayed to get that instead of the iPad mini, but a very nice speed bump just isn’t convincing enough for me when compared to an entirely new device size.

What is compelling to me about the iPad mini is strictly the size. I still find it tough to leave behind my MacBook Pro when I travel and so it always seems silly to me to have an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. With an iPad mini, the separation becomes greater between the devices and the three devices seem more complimentary than they do overlapping while traveling. That’s what I think right now without ever having touched an iPad mini — I could be totally wrong.

Posted by Ben Brooks