I asked on App.net for a tool to send stuff from Reading List to Instapaper, didn’t explain why, and Federico Viticci came up with a wonderful solution. Viticci figured out why I wanted it too:
>The interesting fact about this workflow is that, at first, I thought it would be useless: *why would I want to do this*? As TJ Luoma told me on App.net, though, Reading List is integrated on a system-wide level, while Instapaper isn’t. Sure, most third-party apps offer a “Save to Instapaper” feature nowadays, but it’s still very convenient to be able to add links to Reading List from Mail or Calendar.

Bingo. I can send things to Reading List really easily in Apple apps and avoid having to open the page in Safari and then invoke the Instapaper bookmarklet — thanks Viticci!

David Smith, well dressed man he is, [also came up with an app to do the same]( http://static.crossforward.com/ReadingListToInstapaper.app.zip) (that’s a zip file download link, FYI). The primary difference between the two is that with Viticci’s solution everything is automated, with Smith’s you have to manually send the items each time. Both work, and work well in my testing, they just are for different workflows. I’ll use both, but probably rely mostly on Viticci’s for the time being.

Posted by Ben Brooks