Chris Morran:
> According to reports, the TSA is removing backscatter full-body scanners, which use very small amounts of ionizing radiation, from major airports and replacing them with less-controversial millimeter wave scanners. But those X-ray scanners aren’t going to the Museum of Bad Ideas; they’re being shipped off for use at smaller airports.

That’s pretty funny, but this is funnier:

> The TSA says that privacy and health concerns were not behind its relocation of the backscatter devices.

I’m sure. I’m sure you are sending them to lower profile airports so that the mass-market is not being given cancer and not having their rights violated. Nothing to do with the shit storm this is causing for the TSA.

I hate these guys. We should have a national “opt-out” day where every traveler says no to scans and asks for the pat down. Better yet, we should do this on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Make it happen, again.

Posted by Ben Brooks