Marco Arment on his new business, *The Magazine*:

> Many publications focus on reviews and comparisons, or bring you as much news as quickly as possible. The Magazine will not serve those roles. Instead, it takes a measured approach to the big picture: rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, The Magazine delivers meaningful editorial and big-picture articles.

I’ve known about this for a bit now, but only saw the finished app yesterday. It’s simply fantastic, everything I would put in an iPad magazine is there. I can’t think of a single reason not to get the free trial to see just how good this will be and already is.

Something that Marco didn’t say, but that I will, is that Marco is the type of guy that *will* deny your article if he doesn’t think it is good enough. Plain and simple. That is what it takes to pull something like this off: calling it like you see it, focusing on only the best, putting the reader first.

**Update:** Since everyone else is mentioning it, I will be in an upcoming issue and I am honored.

Posted by Ben Brooks