Interesting lawsuit filed against Apple by two iPhone users that claim Apple is in violation of anti-trust laws by locking iPhones to AT&T. I don’t care about the legality of the matter, but think about the implications. Should Apple lose, what happens? iPhones sold by Apple will be carrier unlocked and Apple will have to supply unlock codes to current iPhone users.

What about that would Apple be against?

Remember, Apple doesn’t care what carrier you use, they only care what device you use. Essentially what I am saying is that this is a lawsuit Apple might not mind losing. A loss would allow Apple to look at AT&T, shrug their shoulders, say “we tried”, and unlock millions of iPhones much to the delight of iPhone users. Win-win for Apple as far as I see it.

I think this is the first lawsuit against Apple we should all be hoping Apple loses.

Posted by Ben Brooks