Jeff Atwood on his Microsoft Surface RT:

> Surface is just like the first iPad in that it has all the flaws and rough edges you’d expect in a version one device. But it is also like the first iPad in that there is undeniably the core of something revelatory and transformative here – a vision of the future of computing that doesn’t sacrifice either keyboard or touch.

A great and very much positive take on the Surface RT by a guy who just wants cool computers. He makes some fantastic points, including the above quote.

Last night I saw an ad for Best Buy that features a convertible Microsoft laptop of some sort and I have to say, I can see the appeal of that for people. For example I am tapping this out in my iPad, sitting in a vacant office space waiting for a service technician — this is something I do often. I have my iPad 3 with LTE, my iPhone 5 with LTE, and my retina MacBook Pro all here. Yet I’m only using the iPad, because at a moments notice I will need to get up and meet a technician. With my laptop that means I’d have to close it up and stuff it carefully back in my bag. The iPhone is too small for typing like this, so I go with my iPad, but I would be done with this post already if I had a keyboard for the iPad, then again that’d be silly because my retina MacBook Pro is right here.

All that to say that I often find myself in situations where such a hybrid computer would not only be useful, it’d be *better*. Now, I am wondering how that would translate for the rest of my life, could I dump my iPad and retina MacBook Pro for just one device? It doesn’t seem possible, especially if it means switching to Windows, but then again I thought the same thing when I switched to the Mac in 2004. I don’t want to switch to Windows, but I also live to find a better, easier, way to live.

Maybe it is worth giving it a try… Really.

Posted by Ben Brooks