Shawn Blanc finally felt the need to get a dedicated camera, and he wrote a post about what he has learned thus far:

> This post is for those who also feel that their iPhone is no longer cutting it — hopefully I can give you a head start in your hunt.

Shawn narrowed down his list to some fantastic options, and then had a really tough time deciding what to buy. What I told Shawn, and the advice I’d give to anyone trying to step into a camera like this for the first time is: get the camera that looks like something you would want to use and carry with you.

The iPhone is a fantastic camera simply because it is always with us. You could buy the best camera and lens on the market, but it would be useless if it was never with you.

That’s why my Canon 5D sits unused 99% of the time and the GX1 is constantly being used despite one taking better images than the other.

Posted by Ben Brooks