Here’s what typically happens when I meet someone new:

– They hand me a card.
– I glance at the card to see if it looks cool.
– I put card in my pocket.
– Once back at my office, or home, I throw the card away if it doesn’t look cool.
– Two weeks later I wish I hadn’t thrown the card away.

So that was next on my list of things to change and I set out to find a great iOS app to change this with. I just wanted to be able to snap a picture of a business card and save the info to my contacts. Simple.

Turns out there are a lot of offerings with mixed results. ABBYY is the best that I have found. It’s not updated for the iPhone 5, and the voiceover support is iffy, but it does a hell of a job pulling in accurate information. And it is fast, really fast. You don’t have to even use ABBYY’s proprietary contact database, you can send it right to your iPhone contacts upon saving.

Next round of new business cards I make for myself will be made to work perfectly with ABBYY, yours should be too.

So if you ever get handed a business card, this is worth your $4.99 — it’s damned handy.

Posted by Ben Brooks