Tim Wu:
>The key is to decentralize: to turn a regional electric network into a network of smaller, neighborhood networks, that no single points of failure, so no one substation can take down half a million homes.

It’s a fantastic idea, if you stop and think about it.

And then when you think about it a bit longer you realize three things:

1. This would be an incredibly expensive and long overhaul.
2. It would require full support from utility companies.
3. It would require massive pressure from the federal government.

The likelyhood of getting any two of those is slim, all three? That seems like a pipe dream to me, because something of this scale would need to start with the government, which isn’t even able to make the call that sending mail carriers to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on mules is simply not a cost effective idea. Here’s hoping I am wrong.

Posted by Ben Brooks