I have a suspicion that posting about beef jerky could prove heated, but I will nonetheless. I learned about Krave Jerky a couple of weeks ago and promptly ordered a package, or four. Not knowing much about the flavors I went with the above “Garlic Chili Pepper” variety.

And it’s good — I’m salivating just thinking about it, yikes.

As a kid I was always an Oberto jerky fan, and then I slowly progressed to Tillamook Honey Glazed, then on to World Kitchen Hot & Spicy. Tillamook always had the best meat and flavor, but is expensive. World Kitchen’s meat is a bit meh, but the flavor is nice and spicy.

Sadly the above mentioned brands seem to have been slipping lately (as I assume they work to grab more market share in a Yeti-dominated-Jack-Links-world).

Krave is different — it’s *exceedingly* good.

Good flavor, good meat, good heat.

*(Note: Buying from this link could potentially make me a millionaire.)*

Posted by Ben Brooks