Month: August 2013



  • ‘Text a Driver in New Jersey, and You Could See Your Day in Court’

    [Ben Brumfield and Chris Boyette][1]: > They {a New Jersey court} ruled that if the sender of text messages knows that the recipient is driving and texting at the same time, a court may hold the sender responsible for distraction and hold him or her liable for the accident. I thought that would be the […]

  • Quote of the Day: Marco Arment

    “‘Fn’ key should be pronounced like you’re censoring the swear word: ‘effin’ key.’” — Marco Arment

  • Gadget Site Reviews

    [John Gruber, in a parenthetical comment][1], in an article about the horribleness of the Q10: > Why weren’t the gadget site reviews of the Z10 and Q10 more scathing? Weren’t they? I don’t know, I didn’t read them, but let’s take a look: – **The Verge**: “But for the faithful, make no mistake: the Q10 […]

  • HTTP Status Codes

    This is a fantastic tool — love it. ((It helps that I just recently learned how to use the `.bash_profile`.)) {via Keith Smiley}

  • Fast-Flashlight for iPhone

    It’s the fastest around for now, but when iOS 7 launches I can assure you that there will be no need for flashlight apps any longer (unless you like that pulsing shit). {via my entire inbox}

  • Doing it Horizontally

    [This post][1] from Adam Glynn-Finnegan is making the rounds. In the post he offers *another* redesigned airline boarding pass. I don’t much care about what he did, but I want to bring up a few points that have been driving me nuts (since it seems every 6-months these posts about new airline boarding passes pop […]

  • ‘How Many Leakers Came Before Snowden?’

    [Bruce Schneier has an interesting thought][1]: if the NSA truly didn’t know what, or that, Snowden stole documents then… > Given that, why should anyone believe that Snowden is the first person to walk out the NSA’s door with multiple gigabytes of classified documents? He might be the first to release documents to the public, […]

  • ‘Reviewing Documents With OmniFocus And Hazel’

    This is a fantastic little Hazel rule to add to your tool belt.

  • ‘What Happens When You Stand for 2 Years’

    [Arshad Chowdhury has a post making the rounds][1] wherein he talks about the things he has learned and gained from standing at work all day long for two years. I have not noticed either of the side effects he mentioned (both the positive and negative), but most of what he says I am in agreement […]

  • Secure Archiving, and Fast Searching of Email

    The oldest email I had on my Mac was dated January 1st, 2006. That was in an archive folder for my iCloud email. ((What’s great is that the email was to a buddy talking about using group iDisk and iCal for a project we were working on. Man, did Dropbox simplify things.)) Now, what’s the […]

  • The NSA Data Mining Conundrum

    As the weeks roll on it has become clearer that the NSA has cast a very large, very fine, net over all communications in, out, and through the US. If the NSA is to be believed then they do their very best *not* to capture American communications, but they regularly fail at avoiding such capture […]

  • ‘Researchers Reverse-Engineer the Dropbox Client’

    [Michael Kassner reporting][1] on the [reverse-engineering of the Dropbox client][2]: > The paper goes to great lengths explaining how Dhiru and Przemyslaw successfully gained access to a victim’s Dropbox account and files. The two also mentioned in the paper with each new version of Dropbox, developers were able to harden the client’s security, which in […]

  • ‘Obama’s Bluff’

    [George Friedman writing about the tough decision President Obama has to make regarding Syria][1]: > This is no longer simply about Syria. The United States has stated a condition that [commits it to an intervention][2]. If it does not act when there is a clear violation of the condition, Obama increases the chance of war […]

  • ‘OmniKeyMaster: Upgrade Pricing for Mac App Store Customers’

    [OmniKeyMaster][1] is a great new tool from The Omni Group which allows Mac App Store users of Omni software to quickly and easily move to non-Mac App Store versions. This allows faster updates (because they bypass App Store approval) and upgrade pricing. I think this is a very smart move and a great tool. Effectively […]

  • ‘To Make Journalism Harder, Slower, Less Secure’

    This is a fantastic post on Pressthink about how journalism can and should operate in a surveillance state. It’s interesting to think about the implications of silencing the press — but more than that it is sad to think that silencing the press is considered an option by “civilized” governments.

  • ‘300 Days With the iPad Mini’

    [Dan Frommer][1]: > The main thing you need to know about my iPad mini right now is that it’s here next to me, and I’ve already been using it a bunch today. I also fell asleep reading it last night, and almost every night last week. After initially scowling at the iPad mini, I bought […]

  • ‘Square v. Portrait’

    [Khoi Vinh looking at an Instagram shot of his in the square crop, and how he would have cropped it for portrait][1]: > I’m not arguing that Instagram should allow portrait images. I’m just saying the world is more interesting than just squares. There’s a lot that is great about the square crop, but it’s […]

  • ‘U.S. Enables Chinese Hacking of Google’

    [Bruce Schneier, in **2010**, for CNN][1]: > In order to comply with government search warrants on user data, Google created a backdoor access system into Gmail accounts. This feature is what the Chinese hackers exploited to gain access. This was written before we knew about 90% of the NSA dragnet, Yet here is [Google’s statement, […]

  • ‘In Surveillance Era, Clever Trick Enhances Secrecy of iPhone Text Messages’

    [Dan Goodin on the coming iOS secure texting app, TextSecure][1]: > Moxie Marlinspike, the pseudonymous security researcher, cryptographer, and developer of the TextSecure and RedPhone privacy apps for Android, has devised a simple trick that iPhones can use to respond to another phone’s key requests even when the app is inactive. The technique relies on […]

  • ‘Why Are There So Few Women Programmers?’

    Dave Winer (no link because I refuse to link to sexist douchebags): > Now, I’m sure there is sexism, probably a lot of sexism. But I also think there’s something about programming that makes many women not want to do it. Here’s a theory why that might be. That last line? He went back and […]