The Washington Post is Not Doing Anyone Any Favors

[Benjamin Wittes writing about the Washington Post coverage of the NSA leaks][1]:

> The Post, for its part, has managed, in my opinion at least, to completely mislead its readers as to the significance of these documents. The problem is not the paper’s facts. It is with the edifice it has built with those facts.
> On the administration’s side of the ledger, if there were a way to botch more completely a public response to these disclosures, I’m not sure I know what it would look like.

This is a really good analysis that counters a lot of the stuff being circulated around these past two weeks. Good, strong, counter-points — many of the misleading facts are ones that I have been helping to circulate. That’s on me for not fully reading the source documents and taking the Post at its word.

You should read this.