Among his other tips, this one probably works really well:

> […] take some cool and professional-looking pictures that have super-shallow depth of field […]

The crux of Shawn’s strategy is that he is selling a legally unlocked iPhone — good pictures or not — and there’s a market for unlocked iPhones (it seems to be a strong market too).

But, I would guess that market will be a bit *less* strong this year. I say this because the Verizon iPhone 5s were *all* sold sim-card unlocked. That’s huge and that makes the supply of unlocked-year-old-iPhone-5s that much bigger. So my guess is that there will be slightly depressed pricing in the used market, but then again it’s a `5` and not an `s` model so that may help keep the price up.

Needless to say, Shawn’s strategy is *not* one that I would bank on. I’d use it as more of a “I hope I can get this, but can still pay rent if I don’t” type of strategy.

Posted by Ben Brooks