Anthony Drendel on adding in-app purchases to Sunstroke:
> Up until July 2013, I had been treating Gone East LLC (my software development company) as a hobby. I had a full-time job that was paying the bills. Consequently, I didn’t much care about earning a decent salary from my app sales. At the beginning of July my contract with my previous employer expired, and I decided to make a change and try to make a living off of my software development.

He has added a $5 in-app purchase to buy unlimited searches (these are persistent, updated, searches that one should think of as smart folders and not searches). It’s a great add to what is easily the best RSS iPhone app out there. If you don’t use Fever, Sunstroke is probably one of the top three reasons to use Fever.

So while you are waiting to spend $500, go spend $5 on this app, or the in-app purchase, or both.

Posted by Ben Brooks