Month: October 2013



  • ‘Clone Dropbox with a Raspberry Pi and BTSync’

    I’ve been using BTSync for a while now and it is fantastic. I have a Mac mini server to sync with, but if you don’t then this solution from Shane Reustle looks like a great solution. I’d love it if the hard drive could be encrypted too — I am sure it is possible.

  • Schneier on Security: NSA Eavesdropping on Google and Yahoo Networks

    Bruce Schneier: > Although the Washington Post article specifically talks about Google and Yahoo, you have to assume that all the other major — and many of the minor — cloud services are compromised this same way. That means Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Badoo, Dropbox, and on and on and on.

  • Portable Electronics Frequently Asked Questions

    You heard you can now use your iPad during all phases of the flight, right? Well don’t get too excited: > Can I use my e-book reader/tablet/cell phone throughout my flight now? > Once your airline has shown the FAA its airplanes can safely handle radio interference from portable electronics, they can let you use […]

  • Quote of the Day: Moron Rogers

    “You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated.” – Moron Rogers

  • ‘I Challenged Hackers to Investigate Me and What They Found Out Is Chilling’

    Adam L. Penenberg: > The newly updated OSX malware, which another member of the team, digital forensics specialist Josh Grunzweig coded, was dropped on to her machine. SpiderLabs now had complete access to her laptop whenever it was on the Internet. > On Charlotte’s machine were our family’s W2s, which included our social security numbers as well […]

  • Dark Mail Alliance

    > To bring the world our unique end-to-end encrypted protocol and architecture that is the ‘next-generation’ of private and secure email. As founding partners of The Dark Mail Alliance, both Silent Circle and Lavabit will work to bring other members into the alliance, assist them in implementing the new protocol and jointly work to proliferate […]

  • ‘Think You Can Live Offline Without Being Tracked? Here’s What It Takes’

    Sarah Kessler: > Friends can be an impediment to a life off the radar. For one, they probably think they’re doing you a favor when they invite you to a party using Evite, add you to LinkedIn or Facebook, or keep your information in a contact book that they sync with their computer. > But […]

  • ‘NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say’

    New Snowden documents are out, and show how the NSA captures data traveling between Yahoo and Google servers, thus giving the NSA access to a large swath of data. Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani for The Washington Post: > In an NSA presentation slide on “Google Cloud Exploitation,” however, a sketch shows where the “Public […]

  • Transporter Sync

    Looks really neat, like the original File Transporter that you can just plug into any USB drive. This is probably a better solution than the “normal” File Transporter, but I have yet to try one.

  • Fantastical 2 for iPhone

    While [Shawn Blanc thinks Fantastical 2 for iPhone is *the best*][1], I am more reserved. I think Fantastical 2 is tied with Horizon ((I have a business relationship with the developer of Horizon, but no business interests in Horizon itself.)) for a very close *second* place, as Apple’s built in calendar app stands atop the […]

  • The Ultimate EDC Pocket Knife

    After I found the Spyderco Sage series of knives I had pretty much stopped searching for a better everyday pocket knife. I was exceedingly happy, with the Sage I in particular. However, as things changed, I became annoyed by the physical width of the knife. Particularly when I wanted to keep it in my pocket, […]

  • Quote of the Day: Dave Pell

    “Anyone who’s been within a thousand miles of one can tell you… There is no tantrum like a Put-Down-the-iPad Tantrum.” — Dave Pell

  • iPad Air Reviews Are Out

    The iPad Air reviews are out, and they appear overwhelmingly positive. As for which you should buy, only [John Gruber tackled that question][1]. Here’s his wrap-up on how I suspect most readers here will be using the iPad (as a laptop companion): > For me, personally, with my primary uses of the iPad being reading […]

  • Speeding Up Touch ID

    I’ve received a lot of confirmation today on that my iPhone wasn’t an anomaly: deleting your Touch ID fingerprints and re-adding them in 7.0.3 dramatically speeds up the system. I had about a 50% success rate before 7.0.3 and now it is near 100% and works instantly. The difference is really dramatic.

  • When Gizmodo Takes Down The New York Times

    This is a great article by Brian Barrett, I may have to start reading Gizmodo again (just not for the latest Apple product release reviews — BURN): > This coming Sunday’s New York Times magazine blows the lid off of an Apple conspiracy more outrageous than a dozen Foxconns. Cracking the Apple Trap, it’s called […]

  • TBR’s Stuff for Sale

    I’m selling some Tom Bihn gear and a laptop stand. Go check it out if you are interested.

  • ‘To Air is Human; to Mini, Divine’

    E. Jones on iPad HQ counters my argument for the iPad Air and bangs the familiar tune of “size & weight” in favor of the mini. The mini will always be better to hold, no matter your hand size, but hand size is still a factor. I discount any arguments for “one-handed this” when it […]

  • ‘Is There a Dark Side of Google?’

    Arsham Mirshah: >Now, after years of happily co-existing, Google is making a power play. It’s withholding key data and justifying it in the name of privacy. This really hurts businesses that were relying on that data, yet leaves Google nicely situated. It’s pretty clear who’s now getting the most out of the “free” transaction. >Admittedly, […]

  • Thats the Question Now, Isn’t it

    [Conor Friedersdorf]( > If I had to bet, I’d put my money on Obama having known all along. But if he didn’t know, it’s absurd to insist that it would’ve been too impractical to tell him. Which is worse: the President not knowing what his own spy agency is doing (either because that agency is […]

  • ‘iPad Mini for Content Creation’

    [Federico Viticci on why he likes the iPad mini better,][1] includes this bit in his article: > You don’t hear people saying that, because of the size differences, the 13-inch MacBook Air is for consumption and the 15-inch MacBook Pro is for creation. Viticci’s post is really solid, but this is a really odd point. […]