I ran into a problem a few weeks ago: my laptop wasn’t sitting high enough on my desk to get the monitor up to where I needed it. It was annoying and tiring. I have tried almost every well marketed Mac laptop stand and they universally suffer from one or both of these issues:

1. They don’t get high enough to place the display at a truly ergonomic level.
2. They are wiggly or wobbly, or simply not confidence inspiring that your MacBook Pro won’t slide off if you sneeze.

The PYLE stand at my office.

So I went looking through the depths of Amazon (only Prime items, I’m not stupid). There I found this PYLE stand marketed for DJs. It looks horrible, but it looked like it would get really tall, be stable, and a bit adjustable.

I’ve been using it for a while now and I actually really like the stand. It doesn’t look great, but it does a good job staying out of the way, getting high enough, and being rock solid. I really mean rock solid. You can push on your laptop when it is on the stand and there isn’t much of a wiggle at all. Amazing. I am buying one for my home too.

Posted by Ben Brooks