[Thomas Brand](http://eggfreckles.net/notes/preliminary-results/):

>My friends Merri and Stephen Hackett have to be strong now. They just got the preliminary results back from their son Josiah’s brain scan, and the diagnosis is frightening. The Cancer is back. It never went away. But now it is growing.
>I am not a parent yet, and I cannot imagine the fear they are feeling right now. Knowing their child might have to go through another sixteen rounds of Chemotherapy. But they have to be strong. If not for Josiah, then for themselves, their daughter Allison Mae, and the rest of their family.

[He’s raising money for his charity run](http://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR?px=2008576&fr_id=4820&pg=personal), he needed $2,500, but he is well passed that goal. It’s still not enough, so donate if you can. ((Let me know if you need a refund for your membership here so you *can* donate — I’d be happy to do it.))

Posted by Ben Brooks