Jens Glüsing, Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach and Holger Stark reporting for SPIEGEL ONLINE on the NSA hack of the email, text messages, and other communication means of the President of Mexico, concludes:

>In response to an inquiry from SPIEGEL concerning the latest revelations, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry replied with an email condemning any form of espionage on Mexican citizens, saying such surveillance violates international law. “That is all the government has to say on the matter,” stated a spokesperson for Peña Nieto.
>Presumably, that email could be read at the NSA’s Texas location at the same time.


The part of the article that I think will be far more interesting (and less political) to watch:

> Brazil now plans to introduce a law that will force companies such as Google and Facebook to store their data inside Brazil’s borders, rather than on servers in the US, making these international companies subject to Brazilian data privacy laws.

[BlackBerry had to do this to allow *other* governments access]( to BlackBerry data back in the day and this is something worth paying attention too.

Posted by Ben Brooks